About ShoppingGives

About ShoppingGives:

This article will help explain ShoppingGives donation disbursement process works and detail how nonprofit organizations receive the donations created by our partners.


ShoppingGives has partnered with PayPal Giving Fund to ensure all donations are delivered to the nonprofits supported by customers and stores. ShoppingGives, the ShoppingGives Foundation, and PayPal Giving Fund do not keep any portion of donations. The donation amount shown to customers and stores is 100% donated to the nonprofits.

 How it Works:

We disburse donations on a quarterly basis. At the end of each quarter, after all donations are finalized and invoices are paid by partners, each nonprofit that has funds through ShoppingGives will be notified. 

Nonprofits that have an account set up with PayPal Giving Fund will automatically receive their donations. If a nonprofit doesn’t yet have an account with PayPal Giving Fund they will be directed to set up an account in order to claim funds. 

Nonprofits will also be provided a breakdown of all the partners who contributed to the donations.

(Article from ShoppingGives help center)